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American International School is non-profit organization that takes very seriously the importance of teaching and educating our students. The Educational Philosophy of American International School is based on the rights of the student to acquire a quality education at the comfort and safety of their own home.

We believe that the student has the responsibility to influence his or her life for a brighter future. The moral and ethical foundation comes from the home; but the desire to take charge of an outstanding academic future, lies in the student. This academic foundation can be set in a carefree and worry free environment.

We believe that each student can be taught and equipped to think clearly without the pressure of keeping up with a traditional classroom setting. The home school setting allows the student to achieve a more personal stress free pace and in a safer environment. Such setting will help the student to achieve a higher interest for learning by managing and controlling their academic education. This factor is important in the ability to learn and capture important information that may be lost in a classroom setting, due to the speed in which the curriculum is taught on a day to day basis.

Each faculty member at American International School is committed to the moral training and character development of each student.

Our desire is to have each student develop a world and life view founded on the moral and ethical truths, through which Our Nation and Founding Fathers, established this Country and fought for.


Our Philosophy

We at American International School believe that education is built on strong emotional principles and philosophy which is essential in the mental, moral, character and spiritual growth of the student.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train each student, preparing them with a solid academic knowledge that will equip them to have a successful future; which in turn, will impact their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social lives forever.

Our History

American International School was founded in the year 2006 by Dr. Sarah B, an Educator with over 30 years of teaching and educational experience. Understanding the frustrations of the ongoing changes and deterioration in the national educational system and the quickly rising “Common Core” issues within our schools and curriculums; she set forth to maintain our traditional educational programs and allow the parents and students, to be the ones in control of their learning experiences, environment and educational content.

We at American International School believe what our Founding Fathers believed and fought for. AIS believes that we are a Nation in which our Freedom, Liberty and Justice was earned by great sacrifices made. Therefore, we hold these sacrifices in very high standards.


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“Building Strong Minds for Tomorrow's Future”

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