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The Advanced High School Program

Our Advanced High School Program enables our students to successfully earn their high school diploma in the comfort and privacy of their own home. We can assist the student to finish their studies and to earn their diploma, by evaluating them through a Comprehensive Test.

Graduation by Examination
(One Comprehensive, 24 Credit Exams)

Such test examines each student’s aptitude and academic level, which is what the Florida State Department of Education requires in order for a student to graduate. Students must have an overall average passing grade of 70% in order to graduate.

If the student should not pass a certain section of the test, then the student may retake the failed part of the test by paying an additional fee of $75.00 per section failed.

The Advanced High School Program offered by American International School is a Specialized Instructional Program, for highly capable students that will assist the student in obtaining an accredited High School Diploma. It is a program of advance instruction. It serves intellectually advanced students who meet eligibility criteria and whose learning needs are not fully met in conventional classrooms.

Our Advanced High School Program helps students of all ages by providing a systematic and proven plan of action. The program raises comfort and confidence levels, motivating the student to perform to his or her utmost ability.

COST of The Fast Track High School Program: Payment in full $750.00 dollars.

For International Students the cost of the Fast Track program is $1,700.00 dollars.

Can I pay with a credit card on-line?
YES! We have partnered with "PAYPAL" one of the biggest online payment companies in the world! We have an option at the end of the enrollment process to pay the enrollment and testing fee through Pay-Pal

American International School is a Long Distance Learning Program that is an extension of Logos Divinity University, Inc., an Interfaith Ministry in the State of Florida, USA.


Applications are accepted Year-Round and are processed daily. There are no excuses to achieving your High School Diploma!

Privacy Policy:

We recognize that privacy is very important to our web customers. Please be assured that any information you submit to us will be held in the strictest confidence. We do not sell or otherwise release any information regarding our customers to any third party.

Begin your steps to success by passing a High School Test

Your journey starts NOW by completing this program and receiving your Graduation Package. Prove your knowledge and we will be happy to issue you a High School Diploma. Your options for beginning are below.

Guiding Principles

Before you opt for the American International School Diploma in the Fast Track High School Program, below is an Example Test that will make your exam attempt easier. The test we offer for the Fast Track Program is divided into several sections. These sections include: Language Arts, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies - US History.

The Fast Track includes 180 questions and the student must score a 70% score to pass the test. If a certain section is failed, the student may retake that particular test section for an additional fee of $75.00. If more than one section is failed, then the student will pay $50.00 per section failed.

Below is an overview of the test categories:

1. Language Arts: 60 Questions:
In this section we ask you questions related to Language, Grammar and Composition, Poetry, Literature, Spelling, Reading Comprehension and Communications.

2. Mathematics: 40 Questions:
In this section we will ask you questions related to Algebra, Business Math, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry.

3. Science: 40 Questions
In this section we will ask you questions related to Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Physics, Geology and Anthropology.

4. Social Studies: 40 Questions
In this section questions related to American Government, American Politics, Citizenship, American History, World History, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Social Work, Political Science and Current Affairs would be asked.


Below are some sample questions that will help you to get an idea on the Fast Track High School Program Test at American International School.


Choose the best word or phrase that best completes the sentence given below.

1. Refrigerating meats ________ the spread of bacteria.

  • retards
  • retarding
  • to retard
  • is retarded

2. Throughout the animal kingdom, the ________ bigger than the elephant.

  • whale is only the
  • only the whale is
  • is the whale only
  • only whale is the


Choose the best answer:

1. If the last presidential election was in 2000, when will the next election take place?

A. 2002
B. 2006
C. 2004
D. 2005
E. 2010

2. Which government official(s) is appointed and not elected by the U. S. citizens?

A. President
B. Congressman
C. Supreme Court Justice
D. Senator
E. Governor


Choose the best answer:

1. Two angles of a triangle each measure 70°. What is the measure of the third angle in degrees?

A. 40°
B. 80°
C. 100°
D. 120°
E. 140°

2. A salesman sold 20 cars in the month of July, and 40 cars the month of August.What is the percent increase in the number of cars the salesman sold?

A. 50%
B. 100%
C. 150%
D. 200%
E. 250%


Choose the best answer:

1. What anatomical structure connects the stomach and the mouth?

A. Trachea
B. Spinal column
C. Hepatic duct
D. Esophagus

2. Which of the following is described in the definition: An object immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object?

A. Archimedes' principle
B. Charles' law
C. Boyle's law
D. Anderson's principle


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