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Admissions - How to Enroll

American International School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, ethnic and or national origin.

Important: If you are planning to use American International School individual courses toward another school's diploma, be sure that the school will accept the AIS credit(s) toward graduation. Written approval from a high school Counselor or Principal must be requested before enrolling in any American International School course(s). AIS cannot accept responsibility for enrollment in incorrect courses or changes in requirements by other schools.

Can I pay with a credit card on-line?

YES! We have partnered with "PAYPAL" one of the biggest online payment companies in the world! We have an option at the end of the enrollment process to pay the enrollment and testing fee through Pay-Pal.

American International School is a distance learning homeschool program that is an extension of Logos Divinity University, Inc., an Interfaith Ministry in the State of Florida, USA.


Enrollment Procedure:
Complete the AIS Enrollment Application; submit application fee and tuition payment, along with grade level choice and or other areas of interest. Note that other elective courses are included in the Standard Curriculum price.

Applications are accepted Year-Round and are processed daily.

Complete ONE application for each student applying for admission.

PARENT INFORMATION: (Parents or Guardians living with student.)

If a student is under 18 years of age, then a Parent and or Legal Guardian must sign and process all of the student’s information, as well as keep a scheduled learning time each day. Parents and Legal Guardians will be the ones responsible for the student’s learning process and administrating tests and not the school.

AIS is only responsible for course assignments and grade keeping.

To Request a Transcript Form please click the link below.


Traditional Program

If the student enrolls and pays the entire program in full, but within a period of 24 hours decides to withdraw, the school will reimburse all monies except $475.00 which is what covers the Admissions Process and the Book Fees.

After 24 hours, the student falls into the month to month payment plan. If the student decides to withdraw after months of inception, the student will just stop making monthly payments and all monies payed prior to the date of withdrawal from AIS will not be refunded due to services, books, materials and tests rendered.

Fast Track Program

If the student has enrolled in the Fast Track Program, and the student’s Admissions Application has been processed, and the student has been accepted into the program, and the Fast Track Test issued, there will be no refund after 24 hours. The cost of the program in the USA is $750.00. All payments must be made in US dollars.

For International Students the cost of the Fast Track program is $1,700.00 dollars.

Privacy Policy -

We recognize that privacy is very important to our web customers. Please be assured that any information you submit to us will be held in the strictest confidence. We do not sell or otherwise release any information regarding our customers to any third party.

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