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Our Websites:
American International School has created and maintains various official websites for alumni, employees, and for the public. Such are referred to as the Website.

Use of Personal Information
American International School may collect personal information when filling out forms and or when a catalog is requested. Personal correspondence may be collected by American International School for future reference.
American International School will never sell, give, or rent any of your personal information to anyone without written consent, and or otherwise ordered by a court of law.

AIS will only use your personal information for legal matters that will only be beneficial to you. American International School considers your confidentiality and security of high importance. Therefore, we maintain these standards, for your protection.

Use of Non-Personal Information
American International School reserves the right to track personal and non-personal information about users of our website and its activities. AIS may collect such information for the purpose of promoting, marketing, advertising and improving the content of our website and or research.

Use of the Website
Visitors may view and or surf our site for only personal and non-commercial purposes only. All users must comply with all suitable laws, statutes, ordinances, and or regulations that pertain to the use of the website. All of the texts, photos, audio, images, graphics, descriptions and or all material accessed on the website are generally referred to as the content. You may view and or listen to the content only for personal and or non-commercial purposes.

American International School also ascertains no responsibility and shall not be responsible for any damages to and or viruses that may corrupt your computer equipment or property due to: the accessing, browsing of the website and or the downloading of any material from the website.  

Managing Your Information
Our online sites and or services will authorize you to disburse your personal information. If you should find the need to be further assisted, you may contact us by either by e-mail or by calling our office. However, if we are unable to remove your information completely from our date-base, we will take all necessary steps to help verify your identity in order to protect your privacy and security.

May You Enjoy Our Website

Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 521494 Miami Florida 33152 U.S.A.

Web Disclaimer and Contact Information 

American International School provides this website as a service. This site, like most if not all things on the World Wide Web, is a continual state of change and expansion. The purpose of AIS website is to contribute information pertaining to our School, its purpose, services, academic curriculums, facilities, and resources.

Although we try to take every step to secure that all is accurate, timely and appropriate information is gathered, there is no guarantee that the information gathered herein is correct and or updated. AIS makes no assurance, either expressed or implied, concerning the certainty, fullness, reliability or eligibility of the information.

The World Wide Web is completely capable of providing a vast range of information and services. AIS is not responsible for any of the materials viewed, read and or accessed while you are linked on the World Wide Webs. We provide our network web pages as a form of convenience and service, and by any means do we constitute an endorsement.

American International School makes no guarantees or representation, and intentionally contradicts all guarantees concerning the activity, resources and or administration of the Internet, including but not limited to, guarantees of the administration process or fitness for a certain purpose. The user will assume all liability associated through the using and or accessing the internet, in addition but not limited to any adulteration to or damage, loss, alteration or destruction of the user’s hardware, software, material, data, message, and information diffused or acquired by the user and any result and or aftermath of the user’s communication, acknowledgement of accessing of any material, documentation, message or Internet information.

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